Inclusivity Strategic Consulting

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Inclusivity helps businesses, organizations, government agencies, and industry groups navigate the rapidly changing landscape of civil rights and achieve real inclusion of people with disabilities in their workforces and communities.

Consulting Practice Areas

  • Workforce Development, Innovation, and Opportunity

    Our work helps government agencies, service providers, and employers ensure people with disabilities and other diverse groups have a seat at the table when it comes to preparing for and obtaining 21st century jobs.

  • Supply Chain Analysis

    “Made in America” shouldn’t mean exploiting people with disabilities. We help companies identify any sheltered workshops in their supply chains.

  • Youth Transition from School to Work

    We provide counsel and advice on federal laws and court rulings to ensure young people with disabilities have access to competitive integrated employment and postsecondary education.

  • Accessible Technology

    “Fix it and forget it” doesn’t work for accessible technologies that are constantly evolving. We help organizations make sure their technology starts accessible and stays accessible.

Young woman with Down Syndrome working at her computer in an office.
Instructor demonstrating air conditioner repair to a wheelchair user.
  • Criminal Justice Reform

    ADA and Olmstead requirements can benefit police, prosecutors and defenders, courts, corrections, and communities to ensure people with mental illness and other disabilities are treated, rather than unnecessarily incarcerated.

  • Higher Education

    College and university disability student services offices are often siloed and under-resourced. We help universities institute best practices to enable students with disabilities to succeed in college and in their careers.

  • Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

    We consider it our mission to help companies and government agencies find, hire, and retain talented people with and without disabilities.

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To help organizations become more effective and inclusive by promoting the education, engagement, and employment of people with disabilities.


  • Practical and legal analysis and guidance
  • Education and training
  • Strategic diversity assessment
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Supply chain analysis