Eve Hill presents at AccessU conference on the importance of digital accessibility for disabled people as a civil right.

Eve Hill

Inclusivity co-leader Eve Hill presented at the 2023 John Slatin AccessU conference on May 10, 2023, where she spoke about recent developments, trends, and upcoming action in the digital accessibility legal space.

Eve’s presentation focused on the importance of digital accessibility for disabled people as a civil right, including insights for participants on how to talk about the law in a way that encourages compliance instead of fear. She also spoke on important current digital accessibility legal actions and new guidance and regulations from the U.S. Department of Justice. Attendees of Eve’s class included educators, policy makers, developers, designers, advocates, corporate and government champions, and attorneys.

Other presentations at the conference also aimed to give participants actionable items to increase accessibility and methods of achieving them, including Developing iOS/Android Apps for Accessibility, Key Techniques for Creating More Accessible Infographics, and Accessible Components from Design to Development.

The three-day digital accessibility training conference is named after the late Dr. John Slatin, a pioneering leader in web accessibility. He was co-Chair of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (WCAG-WG) as it updated and revised the W3C guidelines (WCAG 2.0). The AccessU conference aims not just to talk about accessibility but to teach coding, usability, and inclusive design skills in an interactive and communal environment that empowers participants to integrate accessibility into their digital communications work. The conference was hosted by Knowbility, an award-winning nonprofit organization that aims to create an inclusive digital world for people with disabilities through accessible information technology.

Eve is one of the nation’s foremost disability rights attorneys with a wide-ranging experience with high-impact disability rights cases and advocacy on behalf of individuals with disabilities and their families. As co-leader of Inclusivity, BGL’s Strategic Consulting Group, Eve helps businesses, organizations, and government agencies that want to achieve real inclusion of people with disabilities in their workforces and communities. Considered a leader amongst her peers, Eve is often tapped as an authority on disability rights and accessibility by lawmakers, government agencies, and the nation’s leading journalists. Learn more about Eve Hill here.