Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

We consider it our mission to help companies and agencies find, hire and retain talented people with and without disabilities.

Inclusivity provides cutting edge advice on advancing disability inclusion efforts into any organization’s existing diversity and inclusion infrastructure. We help companies, small businesses, higher education, unions, and state and local governments to enhance their D&I efforts with an eye toward better outcomes.

To this end, we help clients develop and articulate disability diversity goals and to expand employee engagement and inclusive culture. We also create employment policies and procedures to implement legal requirements, diversity goals, and best practices, including promoting performance-based rewards for hiring, inclusion, and pay equity for people with and without disabilities.

We create training and professional development strategies for disability inclusion for leadership, employees, suppliers, customers, and the greater community, and build and leverage partnerships with community stakeholders. We also employ benchmarking tools to provide objective feedback about where an organization’s policies and practices stack up against other companies or organizations.